Become Something With Us


Type Design / Book Design

2019 / Monotype D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil

Interns adapt. Interns are agile. Interns are undefined creatives. As they beaver away in the background and iterate on themselves to find their creative identities, they become something. The ‘Become Something With Us’ campaign hosts a range of events celebrating the agility of creative interns - uniting them in their process of self-discovery and helping them evolve further together.

The bespoke typeface used across the campaign, toasts the unique flexibility and iterative identities of interns themselves. With each letterform being created with ‘I’ as its core starting point, reflects how ‘I’ can become any character - just like how interns can become everything and anything, as well as everything in between. The typeface also displays interns’ united stance as the ‘I’s come together to form words.

© India Wilson