Blind Box Festival


Branding / Illustration / Typography

2020 / University Project

Blind Box is a (fictional) annual three-day micro-festival in London, celebrating designer toys as a medium for contemporary art and design. Jam-packed with exhibitions, installations, workshops, talks and fair, this not-so-serious festival brings toy designers across the world with anyone who shares a love for craft, creativity and design - taking them on an unusual play date with their inner child.

The identity's illustrations are inspired by the silhouettes on the back of blind box packaging which are often used to represent the mysterious and rare finds in a series. Referencing actual designer toys, the graphics celebrate the diversity of the toys' sculptural forms - reconsidering all toys as limited editions and pieces of art.

Meanwhile, the wordmark takes inspiration from Shin's words about how designer toys often "combine a little cuteness and a little blackness". The 'o' and 'x' of 'blind box' is therefore a circle and cross, denoting a pair of eyes which champion this juxtaposition.

© India Wilson