I'm not a robot


Typography / Animation / Cinema 4D


A Magical Journey Through Space

by Leonell Cassio

From https://www.zapsplat.com

2020 / University Project

This project explores how the meaning of words can be enhanced through typography and materials using a piece of text.


I'm not a robot - the famous words of Google CAPTCHAs. It is a phrase many of us see everyday, yet tend to dismiss. Usually followed by tedious tests to prove we're human with every test we complete, we are actually also training machines by feeding them with data for the blind spots in their emerging systems.

The giant sliding puzzle aims to reveal the somewhat invisible training process associated with the phrase, in a playfully analogue way. Inviting human interaction, the tactile mechanism shines a light on the significant part our individual contributions play in technological advancements. Eventually emerging with time, participants can physically see the gradual accumulation of their actions as "I'm not a robot" is collectively decoded.

The puzzle is crafted in a reflective metal, representative of the machine. Its ability to mirror whoever is in front of it reflects its attempts to extract and learn from humanity. As we help the machine piece together and make sense of the information or data it contains, the puzzle's ridiculously large scale becomes a poetic magnification of the gravity it holds for our future and what we all eventually will set in motion.

© India Wilson